zara striped blouse

Bonjour everyone! Sun has finally decided to show up on this spring season!

This weekend I had a reception at the Cambodian embassy to celebrate Khmer New Year.

Last year I opted for a knee-length flared skirt with a matching top and high heels. This time I didn’t have the opportunity to go dress shopping but I already had an outfit idea in mind. I chose a striped blouse that I purchased 2 weeks ago and for the bottom, my mom’s vintage plegged trousers. Sometimes «borrowing» mom’s clothes never hurts.

Apart from this outfit, I wanted to bring a little pop of color by wearing a pair of green stone earrings that I brought back from my trip to Cambodia. FYI, green has always been my favorite color!

Long story short, it doesn’t seem like it but this blouse has given me a hard time. First time trying it was (obviously) in the fitting room, and guess what… I wore it backwards! So I was a bit reluctant about buying it. Thanks to the pictures, you know I ended up buying the blouse. I only realised what I did once I got home. If this isn’t a proof about the versatility of the clothing!

So here’s a tip if you want to wear it backwards: put the bow in the front on the side and as it’s a plunging V neck, you can accessorize the whole ensemble with a statement necklace. You can also rock this blouse, whether you decide to wear it backwards or not, with a mini vinyl skirt.

As I still have one week of spring break, I’m planning on organizing my closet out of my study time, you know the drill… taking out all the spring clothes and putting back all the winter coats, sweaters, etc…

What about yours ?

Zara Striped Blouse

Vintage Pegged Trousers

Céline Trio Bag

Converse All Stars Sneakers

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