The end of the first quarter is approaching which means winter break is around the corner ! I hope you all were able to spend some quality time with your loved ones during New Year’s. As we say, new year, new resolutions. So may this year bring you joy, new adventures and lots of great things to come !

However, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve booked my flight to Cambodia for this winter break ! How exciting is it ? It’s been quite a long time so I kind of missed the feeling of being there… Obviously without forgetting the food, the weather and everything that goes along with ! While talking about food, have you ever felt the need to eat a special dish but couldn’t because of how hard it is to cook it or to find it around ? Well this is how I feel every time I think about eating nom krok (delicious rice and coconut pancake, a must) at my favorite spot !!

Now back to the real thing, I’ve always wondered what comes to your mind when you hear « Cambodia » ? Temples huh ? Not wrong but this country has so much more than temples. In fact there are many beautiful places to visit ! So I thought about writing down a list of different places in Phnom Penh you can’t miss if you plan to go there !

1. National Museum of Cambodia

2. Royal Palace

3. Silver Pagoda

4. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

5. Central Market aka Psar Thmey

6. Wat Phnom

7. Independence Monument

Some of the places mentioned above have their own websites so you’ll just have to click on their name to access ! Also you can check out Cambodia’s official tourism website here !

Let me know in the comments below about your favourite spots around the country if you live there or already went there !




  1. Another excellent article ! Nice job HACTAG !

    1. Thx for your support !!

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