I’m really simple when it comes to what’s in my bag, especially when I’m travelling. As I usually find myself running around the house on a daily basis, I tend to stick with little bags. It helps me to keep everything nice and neat. Besides, I’m not that kind of person who puts everything and anything « just in case »…

 These are my essentials when travelling abroad :

♯ Furla Babylon Wallet : Inside I keep my id card, insurance card, some cash, gums, band aids and medications. Crazy how many things I can put in my wallet huh ?

♯ Legami Audio Splitter : Yup this little cow is an audio splitter. I find it quite handy when you want to listen to some music with someone without having to share your earbuds. (other designs here)

L’Occitane Lip Balm : This is one of my carry-on must-haves products. No matter the circumstances, I always have to keep a lip balm with me so my lips stay hydrated all day long !

♯ L’Occitane Hand Cream : Another carry-on must-haves, my hand cream. My hands get cold and dehydrated so easily, particularly in the winter.

Ray Ban Round Sunglasses : I got these sunglasses last summer in Barcelona. No worries folks, I’m not going to wear them at the airport ! But as I’m travelling to Cambodia, I’ll need them once I’ll step out of the airport.

Zara Home Satin Eye Mask :  So practical when you feel like taking a nap anywhere, anytime hehe.

♯ Maje « M » Suede Leather Fringe Bag : I bought this bag a few days ago which I’m so excited to use !

And to top it all, I would add some snacks in my bag (sorry couldn’t help myself but to mention food).

What are your carry-on essentials ? Let me know down below !



  1. I love your bag and the mask too 🙂
    Don’t you take a book or something so you’re not bored during the flight ?

    1. Thanks !!
      Yes of course ! I’m taking Looking for Alaska – John Green with me

  2. You wouldn’t be yourself if you didn’t talk about food ! It’s essential to have food in your bag ! So annoying when the guy next to you buys m&m’s and you are so hungry but can’t afford the food they sell on board 🙁

    1. You know me too well haha ♡
      Well usually food on long flights are free unlike short ones 😉

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